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            One of the main goals of the activity of Flogiston is to disenchant science – we try to show that it is not only tedious memorizing of hundreds of different facts contained in school textbooks, but it has a second – much more interesting face.

            The ‘Skołowany Weekend’ Science Festival is aimed mainly at Warsaw and its suburban schools’ pupils, including primary, middle, and high schools. It has the form of interesting lectures, adjusted to the age of the listener, concerning various fields of science. The lectures are run by students belonging to scientific circles at Warsaw universities. They try to pass their younger colleagues their knowledge in the field they deal with on a daily basis, but above all they are trying to infect them with passion for learning.

            The lectures are interwoven with demonstrations and activities, thanks to which students can literally see and “touch” science. It is certainly much more interesting than just listening and reading textbooks. There are also no quizzes or tests, so you can take full pleasure in acquiring knowledge.

            So far six editions of the Festival have already taken place, in which over 4,000 pupils took part, could listen to lectures of students from over 150 student’s clubs from Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, and Medical University of Warsaw. The most interesting lectures were: “From phlogiston to the philosopher’s stone”, “Laughter is health”, “Learning chemistry pays and returns”, “Astronomy – from the Big Bang to supernovae”, “Holography and holographic animation”, “In the wonderland of electrophysiology – adventure with cardiology “. The activities and demonstrations of chemistry and falconry were also very popular. Participants who took part in the survey regarding our Festival all agreed that they would be happy to take part in the next edition.

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Kolejny – VII “Skołowany weekend” już za rok! Do zobaczenia w maju!

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